Stress Relief Sceletium 60 vegan capsules


The key ingredient in this product is Sceletium, which has been proven to reduce anxiety, particularly social anxiety, to enhance cognition (think more clearly, process information more clearly) and to help improve sleeping patterns. Sceletium is the kind of herb you can supplement every day or as and whenever you need it. It’s an excellent tonic for insomnia, it helps your brain to perform better and reduces anxiety so it’s a general performance enhancer for those who want their brains to function at a higher level.


Contents per capsule:   Sceletium tortuosum : 150mg / Baobab : 150mg

Background information:

We lead increasingly stressful lives these days and stress is one of those conditions that we really need to manage before it does damage

Sustained stress levels erode our fundamental health.  We sleep less soundly, our relationships take strain and our brains don’t perform at their optimum levels

Making sure you have a healthy, well rested, balanced brain is an essential aspect for us today

Suggested use:

Take one or two capsules before bed to allow your brain to improve serotonin levels whilst you sleep. You can also use it during the day to help calm the nerves and improve the clarity of your thinking. If you’re using it as a treatment for anxiety or ADHD then it’s important to combine it with good essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9), amino acids and B-Vitamins.


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